Christian Damm
Senior Concept Artist - The LEGO Group
CMA - Innovation & Strategy Team
Front End Product Development

I have been working with animation and computer games for more than a decade, delivering concept art and storyboards for various titles and projects, including the Massive Multiplayer Online Game, "EVE Online" for CCP Games, published by Atari.

In 2010 I got hired to work full time for The LEGO Group at their InHouse (advertising) Agency. Working as Art Director I helped setting the visual direction for the home grown IP franchise, "LEGO Ninjago", an epic tale of four young ninja heroes battling evil forces. My responsibilities included that of concept art, IP-development, various illustrations, packaging design, storyboards, in-store materials, the trading card game and directing of freelance illustrators / concept artists.

By January 2012, I was promoted to Senior Concept Artist and moved to the Front End Product Development Team, IST (Innovation & Strategy Team), part of the new CMA-setup. At the Front End Team we're working hard to develop new and exciting play experiences for the LEGO builders of tomorrow.

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“Christian is a great art director. Not only does he know exactly what needs to happen on any given illustration to make it more attractive and conform with the IP specifications, but he also has a great ability to clearly and thoroughly explain himself to the artist. To top it off, his direction and advice over the time that I've worked with him has been a wellspring of knowledge that has helped me become a better artist. It is always a pleasure working with him.”
Jacob Masbruch, Freelance Illustrator
Reported to Christian at The LEGO Group

“Christian is the most talented artist I had the honor to work with. He's a natural talent, gifted and skilled. He is able to fully control the workflow of the creative process and work as a team player to achieve the best. But he is not just a great artist and professional, he is a really nice person to work with and to relate to. Working with Christian has been an honor and a pleasure.”
Alessandro Salute, Game Designer (Freelancer), The LEGO Group.
Worked with Christian at The LEGO Group

“With a few masterful strokes of his digital pen, Christian paints focused and compelling images that bring concepts and imagination to life. As a bonus, he's always ready to listen, and he goes out of his way to help.”
Michael Baumgarten, Concept Developer, LEGO Group
Worked with Christian at The LEGO Group

“Christian is an exceptional artist.There isn't much else to say. He's very professional, imaginative, friendly and talented. Whoever decides to employ Christian, you've made an excellent choice.”
Jacob Damkjær, worked with Christian at CCP Games

“Christian is a gifted and very talented Concept Artist. I hired him for teaching a 6 week programme for the 2nd-year students at 3d college Denmark. And wow. Not only is he skilled, but he also has an great energy around him that made all the students perform to their very limits. I hope that I can once again do business with him in the future. I can only give my best recommendations to Christian, since he's truely a rising star and a person that every company would benefit from having around.”
Jacob Honore, Owner, ZAXIS
Hired Christian as Instructor for 3D College Denmark

“Christian is an extremely skilled artist, with very high work ethics. He is able to produce high quality work, but is also highly capable of delivering fast sketches and storyboards on demand. He seems to cover a very broad range of styles, and adapts easily to an established project. Christian has a warm personality and come along very well with his collegues, and seem from a manager perspective he is very easy to communicate with. It's been a pleasure to work with Christian, and I hope we get a chance to work together again in the near future”
Caspar Strandbygaard, CTO, ZeitGuyz Game Developers
Managed Christian at ZeitGuyz Game Developers

“I’ve been one of the lucky few to have Christian as a teacher and mentor! You can’t help but looking up to his sublime skill and professionalism, both as a teacher and an artist. During the last year, he has helped me reach goals, that I couldn’t have done on my own. I cannot stress how big an influence he has had on my career."
Tobias Danbo, Student at 3D College Denmark / App. at Lani Pixels

“Christian has been at 3D College Denmark for a periode of 6 weeks, teaching our students concept art on different levels. Christian is without a doubt the most skilled concept artist we have ever worked with. His teaching skills are excellent and it has been a pleasure to have him as a colleague. He comes with the highest recommendation from a school since the students has insisted on us trying to hire Christian again. In their words:"He is the best teacher we have ever had". With this in mind I can easily give Christian my best recommendations.”
Søren Hansen, Director at 3D College Denmark
Hired Christian as instructor

“I have had the pleasure of working with Christian on the environment team at Zeitguyz. Christian adapted to the style of the game from day one. His drawing skills are fantastic. His sense of form and color are impeccable. I warmly recommend this very talented and gifted artist. Any art team will have a huge advantage by taking Christian onboard.”
Nigel Zabiela, 3d Environment Artist, ZeitGuyz Game Developers
Worked directly with Christian at ZeitGuyz Game Developers

“Even though I have only worked with Christian for a few months I can still recommend his strong work ethics and quality artwork. During our short time at Zeitguyz he was very productive and always proactive in ensuring a high standard in our work.”
Martin Bjarke Kragh Nielsen, Technical and Environment Artist, Zeitguyz Game Developers
Worked directly with Christian at ZeitGuyz Game Developers

“I was lucky to work with Christian on ”Recoil: Retrograd”. He is an excellent concept artist, with impressive artistic skills. His professional approach and great personality quickly made him an important part of the team. I can highly recommend him.”
Bo Daugaard, 3d Environment Artist, Zeitguyz Game Developers
Worked directly with Christian at ZeitGuyz Game Developers

“I have had the pleasure to have Christian Damm as a part of our Environment team at Zeitguyz, working on a triple A title for the console market, named Recoil: Retrograd. Christian showed to be a very structured artist, and showed extraordinary professionalism when engaging with an assignment. By taking part of the creative discussions, we quickly learned that he had a constructive approach to different design solutions. He also has excellent talent for painting in Photoshop, combined with his ability to managing his own work, he became a very fast concept artist, delivering high quality concept for our production. Finally Christian Damm was a nice and easy person to work with that fitted well into the team almost immediately.”
Michael Rud Jakobsen, Lead Environment Artist, Zeitguys Game Developers
Managed Christian at ZeitGuyz Game Developers

“Christian is a young but brilliant artist. His technical skills are very impressive and I have no doubt that he will go far. He has a friendly, easygoing persona and good people skills, and knows how to receive critique; an invaluable asset for a concept artist. His grasp of color, light and design are all superb and it was a privilege to work with him, even if we only got to for a short time.”
Robert Friis, Concept Designer, ZeitGuyz Game Developers
Worked directly with Christian at ZeitGuyz Game Developers

“Christian Damm has been a part of Lani Pixels A/S since 2002 (until 2007). Christian is a hard-working, loyal and stabil employee with a great sense of detail and a keen eye for quality. It is easy for us to give Christian our best recommendations.”
Kim Pagel, CEO / Studio Director, Lani Pixels A/S
Managed Christian directly at Lani Pixels A/S

“Christian's work as a concept artist and traditional 2D artist is very impressive. His wide range of styles, from architecture or industrial design, and all the way to science-fiction and fantasy, are always characterized by a great amount of detail. I am always amazed when Christian sends me a link to view his latest work, and can absolutely recommend him as an amazing artist!”
Mikkel Fausing, Multimedia Animator App., Lani Pixels A/S
Worked directly with Christian at Lani Pixels A/S